Announcing Our Integration With Clockodo!

We’re happy to announce an official integration with Clockodo!

Clockodo is a dedicated time tracking software for small and medium sized businesses. Here’s a description by Clockodo:

With Clockodo, you and your co-workers can track your working hours online, quickly, simply and reliably.

For over five years now, crystal clear reports, maximum flexibility and a variety of features and intuitive user guidance have made clockodo one of the most popular time tracking software products around for SMEs.

How does the cooperation of Clockodo and Ronin work?

With a connection of Clockodo and Ronin you easy up your billing. Customers created in ronin can be imported to Clockodo at any time. After tracking your working hours on projects in Clockodo, you can create a bill for them sorted to the right, connected customer and transfer the invoice to Ronin.

How can I connect Ronin to Clockodo?

  1. You need an Clockodo account
  2. You need a Ronin account
  3. You need your Alias and your API token from ronin. You will find it in your ronin setup.

In your Clockodo account, click on general settings. At the bottom of the page you can link-up Clockodo to a billing application. Next, you can select Ronin. Now enter your Ronin Alias and your API token copied from Ronin and your standard tax rate. After connecting the two applications, you can import your customers from Ronin to Clockodo and transfer invoice drafts to Ronin.